Here’s how to design for your trade show booth.

Posted on February 5, 2019 Under FIP Blog

Many events include plain, boring pipe and drape and a table cover as part of your fee. There are plenty of lesser exhibitors out there who are fine with the status quo, but that’s not you! You know better!

Standing out is everything when battling for attention at a busy trade show. Guess what trade-show-attending industry professionals look like when they step out of their fancy suits? They look just like your customers! They’re regular eating, drinking, breathing, buying human beings and they respond to the same pretty pictures, classy layouts, and vibrant imagery as the rest of us. Great booth design supports you in attracting attendees and making those valuable connections. Below are tips for making the most impact with your display!


Backdrops & Floor-Standing Displays

These larger-than-life displays make your branding and your booth come alive! A good backdrop sets the mood for events that unfold at your trade show booth, and you can do way more than just slap your logo on the front. Weave a tapestry rich with your brand story, colors, and culture. Great for photo ops, consider a repeating pattern using your brand elements, showing off a detailed bottle shot, or transport your booth to an exotic place with a beautiful landscape image.

Tips for designing your floor-standing display:

  • Don’t make it too busy or text-heavy: Think about a billboard when you’re flying down the highway. You want the important stuff to be visible from afar. Too much copy may appear messy.
  • Don’t put important elements too close to the floor: Think about where people’s eyes will be. Think about tables and other obstructions that may be in front of your backdrop.
  • Do make it timeless: Avoid dates, prices, and other details that are subject to change. A properly cared for backdrop will last you many years.



Need help with design? We’ve got you! One of our graphic designers would be delighted to work with you to create attractive and enticing display products for your next trade show. Add graphic design service to your cart and one of us will reach out right away!


Table Covers & Runners

Your table is the center of attention at your trade show booth, and dressing it for the part is easy and affordable. Thanks to the magic of dye-sublimation, you’re no longer limited to a tiny logo printed on the front only. Full color and full bleed printing equals endless possibilities! Complement your logo with a classy repeating pattern that covers the whole table, line up your bottles across the front, or boldly ask a question a passerby can’t ignore. Get creative, get inspired, and most importantly… get something draped over that naked table!

The many uses of table covers:

  • Cover a table at your next trade show
  • Catch a drip or two at your next tasting
  • Boldly exhibit your branding elements
  • Shout Buzz Words – “Gluten Free” “All Natural” “50% More” “Sugar Free!”
  • Create a nice hiding place under the table for your extra stuff!



Retractable Banners

Attract the right people to your booth with marvelously portable retractable / roll up banners. They travel easy, they’re simple to use, and wow, do they stand tall! These user-friendly fan favorites are a breeze to set up, they’re eye-catching from across the room, and they’re rugged and ready to travel with you to your next trade show. Use these to accent a larger sized backdrop, or infuse your branding in single-table exhibits and smaller sized booths.

Design ideas for retractable banners:

  • Display a larger-than-life bottle shot
  • Boast a tasting score or award
  • Announce new flavors
  • Highlight nutritional benefits
  • Advertise a sweepstakes
  • Shout Buzz Words – “Gluten Free” “All Natural” “50% More” “Sugar Free!”