Case Cards

Everyone's favorite cost-effective alternative to more elaborate displays. Easily transform the cases you already use into head-turning, sales-boosting marvels.

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Small Case Cards

Measuring 8.65x15.75 inches, these are perfect for smaller bottles or modest budgets.
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Medium Case Cards

Measuring 11.25x18.75 inches, these case cards are a perfect fit for many standard sized cases.
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Large Case Cards

Measuring 11.25x23.75 inches, these big boys fit most cases, and give some additional vertical space.
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Giant Case Cards

Measuring 14.25x23.75 inches, these behemouths will draw attention from clear across the street!

What our clients are saying

Why Case Cards?

I must admit, we didn't invent the case card, but we've certainly embraced the concept. Some folks refer to them as header cards, or case backers. Case cards are great for wine, spirits, and other beverages that ship in a case and sell in a retail setting, such as a liquor store or wine shop.

So, what exactly is a case card? A case card is a printed piece of cardboard, cut to a special fork-like shape at the bottom, allowing it to perch on the back of an open case of bottles. Essentially, they convert a stack of cases into a beautiful and fully functional display case. Case cards grab shopper attention in a BIG WAY!

What's so special about case cards? You've got to ship your bottles in something, right? Before you shell out for a custom display, consider these nifty case cards – a very cost-effective way to transform the boxes you already use into beautiful point-of-sale display cases!

How to use them

Case cards are big, but that doesn't mean you should write a novel on them. Think of them like billboards. Make them appealing so they catch shoppers eyes from across the room. Once you lure them in, you want them examining your bottle, not your case card. Remember, case cards are for grabbing attention, not spilling the details. They work best with simple, clear, to-the-point headlines and big, beautiful images!

Their many uses include...

  1. Display a sale price
  2. Boast a tasting score
  3. Announce new flavors
  4. Highlight nutritional benefits
  5. Advertise a sweepstakes
  6. Showcase your product's branding
  7. Shout Buzz Words – “Gluten Free” “All Natural” “50% More” “Sugar Free!”

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