Bottle Neckers

Whatever you like to call 'em – bottle neck tags, bottle neckers, or bottleneck hangers... These little point-of-purchase powerhouses put bottles in carts. Bottle neckers are proven effective with low unit costs and the ability to track ROI using barcodes or promotion codes. They're easy and familiar for retailers to use, and you can even work with retailers to share the cost (and profits!)

Die-Cut Bottle Neckers

Tried-and-true, we offer a popular selection of die-cut hang tags in a wide range of styles. They're easy to use and work well on a variety of bottles.

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String-Tied Bottle Neckers

Does your bottle or packaging have a unique shape? Folded, flat, or die-cut in fun shapes—string-tied tags are the flexible option for all styles and sizes.

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Bottle Cones & Collars

Bottle cones (or collars!) look great from every angle, wrapping around the top of your bottle. Best of all, we made 'em a breeze to assemble!

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How to use bottle neckers

Start with a compelling message. You don't have a ton of real estate, so you need to make it count!

Good design attracts good customers. We can't over-emphasize the importance of smart design, and we can help. Our graphic designers know how to make your product stand out in the sea of ads. Whether you hire us, or another pro designer, please do make that investment. Excellent marketing ideas are wasted when the design doesn't work to attract your target market.

Once you've dialed into that perfectly compelling marketing message, consider printing it on complementary marketing materials such as shelf talkers, case cards, and coupons!

Tremendously versatile, use bottle neckers to...

  1. Provide Instantly Redeemable Coupons (IRC)
  2. Offer Mail in Rebates (MIR)
  3. Offer discounts on other items in the store with purchase
  4. Boast a tasting score, award, or recognition
  5. Suggest a recipe that uses your product
  6. Advertise a sweepstakes
  7. Promote related products