trade show & event displays

Ensure your efforts in exhibiting are met with soaring returns on your investment. Great booth design supports you in attracting attendees and making those valuable connections!

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Floor-Standing Displays

Set the stage for your booth with a wall-sized backdrop!
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Table Covers

A well-dressed table is a popular table.
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Retractable Banners

Perfect accents to an impactful booth display.

how to set up a winning booth display

Stand Out
Creative trade show booths have a huge edge. No matter your budget, putting some thought into your booth design will make you stand out. And standing out is everything when battling for attention at a busy trade show!

A popular booth makes attendees want to see what all the buzz is about! Consider an interactive element like a prize drawing, contest, quiz, game, or demonstration to draw people in. Then let the lead-generating begin!

Make a Lasting Impression
Giving out small promotion items that people will use after the event can serve to keep you top-of-mind. Then, be sure to follow up with your new connections right away. Followup is the single most important step to any successful exhibition!

At your booth, consider having...

  1. Business cards
  2. Handouts about why you're great
  3. Samples of your products
  4. A video or slideshow to draw attention
  5. Coffee, tea, candy, cookies, or treats
  6. A prize drawing to collect contacts
  7. An interactive display to build a crowd
  8. A promo gift for attendees to use after the event