Table Covers for Trade Shows


Dress your tables for trade show success with attractive full-color table covers. by First in Print.

Whether your brand favors a classic, vibrant, or minimalist look, we've got you (and your tables) covered!

Why Table Covers?

What's the first rule of trade show club? You've gotta stand out! Many events include a plain old boring table cover as part of your fee. There are plenty of lesser exhibitors out there who are fine with the status quo, but that's not you!

You know better! You know that selling more product means connecting with customers. You know that before you can connect with them, you've gotta get their attention. You've gotta stand out!

Guess what trade show attending industry professionals look like when they step out of their fancy suits? They look just like your customers! They're regular eating, drinking, breathing, buying human beings and they respond to the same pretty pictures, classy layouts, and vibrant imagery as the rest of us. 🙂

So go on, dress up those boring old tables in some classy new threads from First in Print. If you're looking to do more than just slap your logo on the front, chat with our graphic designers and let's get creative with your branding!

How to Use Them

Table covers are great for... well, they're great for covering tables. Thanks to the magic of dye-sublimation, you're no longer limited to a tiny logo printed on the front only. Complement your logo with a classy repeating pattern that covers the whole table. Get creative, get inspired, and most importantly... get something draped over that naked table!

Their many uses include...

  1. Cover a table at your next trade show
  2. Catch a drip or two at your next tasting
  3. Hide a yucky 1970's looking wood grain table
  4. Boldly exhibit your brand colors
  5. Showcase your product's branding
  6. Shout Buzz Words – “Gluten Free” “All Natural” “50% More” “Sugar Free!”
  7. Create a nice hiding place under the table for your extra stuff!

Shop Table Covers

Beautiful, full color die-sublimation

Drape Table Throws

Three and four-sided options for 6 or 8 foot tables
Full Color Dye Sublimation, 8.8 oz. Polyester Fabric

Drape Table Throw

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Ships in 5 working days

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Stretch Table Throws

Stretch it on for a modern and sophisticated look
Full Color Dye Sublimation, 8.8 oz. Tension Fabric

Stretch Table Throw

Choose Size & Style:

Ships in 5 working days

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Table Runners

Run amok with three sizes to choose from
Full Color Dye Sublimation, 8.8 oz. Polyester Fabric

Table Runner

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