Die-Cut Bottle Neckers

Whatever you like to call 'em – bottle neck tags, bottle neckers, or bottleneck hangers... These little point-of-sale powerhouses can be an excellent marketing investment. You'll love our online ordering - choose a style below to see pricing and download templates.

Choose a style to see pricing

Pendant Pendant


2.125 x 3.75" Pendant is small but mighty with a 1.6" diameter pop-up. Perfect for showing off tasting scores.
Belle Belle


2.5 x 5.5" Belle features a rounded top, 1.5″ diameter hole, and a crease. Stylish, slim, and sassy.
Classic Classic


3 x 4.5" Classic features a 1.5″ hole with a crease. Simplicity meets sophistication.
Minnie Minnie


2.125 x 3.75" Minnie features rounded corners, and a 1.5″ hole with a crease. Small with HUGE appeal.
Medallion Poncho


2.2" x 3.2" Poncho faces both sides. Room for a barcode but won't hide your beautiful label!
Medallion Medallion


2.75 x 4.25" Medallion features a no-waste hole and a round pop-up. So many creative possibilities!
Donut Donut


2.5 x 4.625" Donut features a stylish collar, and a 1.4" hole with a crease.

Don't see one you like?

We have many options not shown above. Perhaps you need a string-tied bottle necker or a custom shape?

How to use bottle neckers

Start with a compelling message. You don't have a ton of real estate, so you need to make it count!

Good design attracts good customers. We can't over-emphasize the importance of smart design, and we can help. Our graphic designers know how to make your product stand out in the sea of ads. Whether you hire us, or another pro designer, please do make that investment. Excellent marketing ideas are wasted when the design doesn't work to attract your target market.

Once you've dialed into that perfectly compelling marketing message, consider printing it on complementary marketing materials such as shelf talkers, case cards, and coasters!

Tremendously versatile, use bottle neckers to...

  1. Provide Instantly Redeemable Coupons (IRC)
  2. Offer Mail in Rebates (MIR)
  3. Offer discounts on other items in the store with purchase
  4. Boast a tasting score, award, or recognition
  5. Suggest a recipe that uses your product
  6. Advertise a sweepstakes
  7. Promote related products