table tents

A beverage marketing mainstay in bars & restaurants, the trusty table tent sits on silent haunches, patiently waiting for the next curious patron to arrive and see what it has to say. Our table tents come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes!

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A-Frame Table Tent

A staple in the table-tent world, available in various sizes.
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Table Pyramid

A unique shape patrons can't resist picking up!
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Prism Table Tent

Three sides for content in a shape that's easy to customize.

why table tents?

Let's face it. People at bars and restaurants do a lot of waiting. I don't know about you, but when I'm sitting there bored, I find myself looking around in search of something interesting. Enter the table tent! Poised to dazzle the masses and scare away their boredom, table tents boast more than one printed face, compelling people to pick them up, turn them over in their hands, and examine the messages they have to share.

Table Tents are fun! Their unique position on the table surrounded by curious patrons means that you can craft a detailed message and be relatively certain that people will actually bother to read it! Many bars and restaurants are dimly lit, so be careful with smaller sized and lower-contrast typefaces.

Use table tents to...

  1. Feature a branded cocktail
  2. Announce a drink special
  3. Highlight nutritional benefits
  4. Tell your brand story
  5. Advertise a sweepstakes
  6. Suggest a wine pairing
  7. Transport with augmented reality
  8. Engage with QR or other scan codes