We Care About Our Environment

We Care About Our Environment
It all just makes sense. Our business works because we’re as efficient as possible. We use as few resources as we can. All our processes are constantly refined to ensure that we minimize waste. What waste we do produce, we separate into distinct streams for easy recycling or reprocessing. Our printing plates and waste paper are recycled, our used chemicals are disposed of responsibly, and we use vegetable-based inks. Where possible, our paper stock is made from wood pulp which is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF). All pulp is sourced from well managed forests, where trees are farmed as crops –€“ just like wheat. We shall, where practical:

  • Meet, and where possible, exceed the requirements  of all relevant environmental laws, regulations and other requirements;
  • Assess and manage any significant environmental aspects of our operations;
  • Monitor and minimize the levels of waste generated by our operations;
  • Dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner while seeking to reuse and recycle where practicable;
  • Invest in modern technology and machinery to minimize the consumption of water and energy in relation to our manufacturing process;
  • Communicate our aims through this policy statement to everyone who works with us to ensure they are all aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation to our operations.

Image Credit: CrypticDisdain