Wesley Black


Wesley Black

entrepreneur + dreamer + builder

Wesley loves to tinker, and fancies himself a creative problem solver. The many hats he wears as CEO, etc. at First in Print afford him ample opportunities to play around with his puzzler each day.

An entrepreneur with a graphic design and web design background, but most importantly a husband and father, Wes enjoys family adventures with his wife Melanie, son Conrad, and daughter Genevieve. They love bike rides, kayaks, road trips, mountains, and hanging out on the beach.

A self-proclaimed life long learner, Wesley is passionate about building a home environment and company culture that both foster a love of learning and keen interest in self improvement. He can build a spreadsheet to manage just about anything, and considers himself a nerd with an artistic streak. Inspired by his lovely wife who was a middle school teacher for six years, he aspires to put his talents and resources to work helping inspire a love of learning in the hearts of students who need it.

This fun-loving, pretty geeky, left-handed somewhat artsy outdoorsy type fellow is also a big fan of astronomy, audiobooks, aviation, and even some things that don't begin with the letter A- such as mountain biking, running, guitar, snowboarding, and racquetball.



minecraft & running


live music

leading by example

"I am so lucky and grateful for the people in my life! My job is turning ideas into reality every single day. My family is loving and supportive. My talented, passionate employees share my vision and help me build a fun, productive, and rewarding environment."

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