Window Clings


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Why Window Clings?

Ideal for point-of-purchase signage on glass or glass-like smooth surfaces, window clings are a perfect solution when you want temporary advertising with eye-catching appeal. Beautiful quality window clings are designed to showcase branding, features, and promotions without messy adhesive. They are a breeze to install while also easy to remove and reposition!

So, what exactly is a window cling? Window clings are printed on a glossy material that can cling to either the inside of a window to be viewed through the glass, or on the outside of smooth glass surfaces. Printed with near photo quality, window clings can be made clear and translucent, feature opaque areas using white ink, or be entirely opaque printed on a solid white background.

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How to Use Them

Use window clings to...

  1. Feature a branded cocktail
  2. Offer a promotion
  3. Highlight nutritional benefits
  4. Promote new products or flavors
  5. Tell your brand story
  6. Advertise a sweepstakes
  7. Suggest a wine pairing
  8. Transport with augmented reality
  9. Add a hint of privacy to glass doors and windows

Shop Window Clings

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Window Clings Artwork Templates: On White

4×6 White Clings  6×9 White Clings 8.5×11 White Clings

Window Clings Artwork Templates: On Clear

4×6 Clear Clings  6×9 Clear Clings 8.5×11 Clear Clings