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Two-Piece Shelf Wobblers


Our eye-catching shelf wobblers come with an adhesive strip of clear plastic. Attach them with ease to the shelf, or just about anywhere else.

Subtle air currents in the room cause them to wobble around, earning their whimsical title.

How to use shelf wobblers?

Start with a compelling message. Imagine that your shelf wobbler is a tiny gyrating billboard along a highway of thirsty beverage shoppers. Keep in mind that shelf wobblers are for drawing shoppers in, not closing the sale. They do their best work with simple, clear, to-the-point headlines.

Good design attracts good customers. We can't over-emphasize the importance of smart design, and we can help. Our graphic designers know how to make your product stand out on the shelf. Whether you hire us, or another pro designer, please do make that investment. Excellent marketing ideas are wasted when the design doesn't measure up.

Once you've dialed into that perfectly compelling marketing message, consider printing it on complementary marketing materials such as bottle neckers and bottle stickers!

Irresistibly eye-catching, use shelf wobblers to...

  1. Announce a new offering, flavor,
    size, or varietal
  2. Boast a tasting score, award, or other acclaim
  3. Shout Buzz Words – “Gluten Free” “All Natural” “50% More” “Sugar Free!”
  4. Highlight nutritional benefits
  5. Display a sale price
  6. Show off a mobile app
  7. Promote related products

All wobbler sticks are packed separately on a roll. Printed pieces are bundled as specified. Contact us if you need a quote for kitting.
Are you looking for a Shelf Wobbler that doesn't require a plastic strip? Try our One-Piece Shelf Wobblers!