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“Simple” “Simple”


In all your favorite finishes, no adhesive required, available with or without a crease.
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Featuring EZ-Peel Adhesive, you can stick 'em to the shelf or just about anywhere else you can imagine!
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Designed to snap into the 1.25" price rail without the need for adhesives, these are a great fit for shopper marketing!
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Sticky Flag

Attaching to just about any surface sticky flags grab shopper attention from clear down the aisle!
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Snap-In Flag

Snapping into 1.25in price channels, these flags are sure to turn heads and get more product to register.
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2-Piece Wobblers

Including a plastic strip with adhesive on both ends, Wobblers move with the air currents. Very eye-catching!
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1-Piece Wobblers

Cut to a special shape, snaps into price rail, and sticky for attaching just about anywhere!

how to use shelf talkers

Start with a compelling message. You don't have a ton of real estate, so you need to make it count! Remember, shelf talkers are for grabbing attention, not spilling the details. They work best with simple, clear, to-the-point headlines.

Good design attracts good customers. We can't over-emphasize the importance of smart design, and we can help. Our graphic designers know how to make your product stand out in the sea of ads. Whether you hire us, or another pro designer, please do make that investment. Excellent marketing ideas are wasted when the design doesn't work to attract your target market.

Once you've dialed into that perfectly compelling marketing message, consider printing it on complementary marketing materials such as bottle neckers and case cards!

Tremendously versatile, use shelf talkers to...

  1. Announce new flavors
  2. Boast a tasting score, award, or recognition
  3. Shout Buzz Words – “Gluten Free” “All Natural” “50% More” “Sugar Free!”
  4. Highlight nutritional benefits
  5. Display a sale price
  6. Show off a mobile app
  7. Promote related products