Spot-UV Sale – A cornucopia of wholesome, glossy goodness

September Fabugloss Sale.

Hello there,

Leave your competitors in the shadows this November when you save 50% on StarMarque Showcards and 25% on StarMarque folders. Whether you use it on our versatile Showcards or our functional folders, StarMarque is our most exclusive finish. It contrasts gloss highlights with an ultra-soft coating for dramatic results that get you noticed.

Call or e-mail me today to place your order, and have a great month!

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Wesley Black
Store Manager
First in Print
(904) 387-2237

Did you know that our StarMarque Showcards can be creased for easy folding? You can also add rounded corners!

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Offers on Showcards

  • StarMarque Showcards
    150# silk cover + ultra-soft finish + spot gloss uv
    From $201 $100 for 1,000 in 5 days

Offers on Folders