Spot-UV Bottle Neckers & Shelf Talkers – December StarMarque Sale


It’s the time of year when everyone expects a little extra sparkle.

Our unique StarMarque finish is just the fancy gift wrap to add to your point-of-sale materials. Our gift to you is a whopping 30% discount on quantities of 4,000 and 8,000.

Starmarque? Spot-UV?

It’s hard to describe just how lovely these products are. Until you see and feel the quality for yourself, you’ll remain convinced that all point-of-sale materials are created equally. I promise you, that is not the case!

Become a believer!

There’s plenty of time to request a free sample pack, feel the soft, velvety touch, see the dazzle of the spot-uv highlights, fall in love, then save 30%.
If you have an immediate need, take advantage of our fabulous sale this month.

What’s the deal?

30% Off in December! Select quantities of StarMarque Die-Cut Bottleneck Hangers or Shelf Talkers

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*The sale prices are valid in December 2013 ONLY!

Available Shapes & Sizes

We are always adding new shapes and sizes to our repertoire. These are the ones that are on sale this month. You can start working on your graphic design right away. Select the shape you like, and download the template. If you need graphic design help, please let us know.

Bottleneck Hanger, Type A
3 x 4.5″
Bottleneck Hanger, Type B
3 x 4.5″
Die-Cut Shelf Talker
3 x 4.5″

*Sizes are approximate, and may vary by 1/16″

Offer Expired

For larger quantities or additional information, please give us a shout.
If you’d like to see the quality for yourself, please request a sample pack. Better hurry before the sale runs out!

Did you know? These bottle neck hangers and shelf talkers are printed 4 to a sheet. This means you can mix and match up to 4 different designs!**

We look forward to hearing from you!

**Additional file check fees may apply