Save 37% on Spot UV Bottle Neck Hangers and Shelf Talkers

Posted on May 7, 2013 Under Printing Sales

Tremendously thick 150# cover is printed in beautiful, full color. Then, it’s coated on both sides with an ultra-soft finish. On top of this, we apply eye-catching spot-uv highlights to give the piece a truly exquisite appeal.

What’s the deal?

  • 37% Off 3×4.5″ Spot UV Bottle Neck Hangers
  • 37% Off 3×4.5″ Spot UV Shelf Talkers
  • 30% Off 3×4.5″ Spot UV Wobblers

What’s so great about spot uv?

You have to see it in motion to believe it!


Bottle Neck Hangers

The perfect products for our beverage industry and hospitality clientele. Hotels love to use our bottle neck hangers to improve sales at the mini bar. Beverage brands use them to draw attention to their products on the shelves. Bottle Neckers make great instantly redeemable coupons (IRCs) or mail in rebates (MIRs) for beverage products.

Shelf Talkers and Wobblers

Specially designed to snap into a standard 1.5″ price rail, these point-of-sale wonders are sure to grab the attention of consumers. Our shelf talkers are die-cut to a special shape allowing them to snap into the price rail with no need for adhesives. Our wobblers come with a plastic strip that will not only snap into a price rail, but is also self-adhesive to attach just about anywhere.

What’s the spec?

150# Premium Silk Cover with Ultra-Soft Coating on Both Sides + Spot-UV Highlights on One or Both Sides.
Printed in Full Color, on Both Sides (4/4)

Many Styles to Choose From

We are always adding new shapes and sizes to our repertoire. So far, these are our favorites. You can start working on your graphic design right away. Select the design you like, and download the template. If you need graphic design services, please let us know, and we’d love to help!

Our wobblers are available in rectangle shape with or without rounded corners applied.

Custom die-cut wobblers are available as well. This incredible sale does apply to these, however custom die charges are incurred. Contact us with your creative ideas!

3x4 Bottle Neck Hanger, Type-A

3×4.5 Bottle Neck Hanger, Type-A

3x4 Bottle Neck Hanger, Type-B

3×4.5 Bottle Neck Hanger, Type-B

3x4 Die-Cut Shelf Talker, Type-A

3×4.5 Die-Cut Shelf Talker, Type-A

How much can I save?

Starmarque (Spot UV) Die-Cut Bottle Neck Hangers or Shelf Talkers

8000 = $516 (Save $308 – that’s just 6.5 cents each)
4000 = $342 (Save $204 – that’s just 8.6 cents each)

Starmarque (Spot UV) Wobblers 

8000 = $799 (Save $343 – that’s just 14.3 cents each)
4000 = $484 (Save $207 – that’s just 17.3 cents each)

*These are the sale prices valid in May 2013 ONLY!

Let’s do this!

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Did you know? Our bottle neck hangers, shelf talkers, and 3 x 4.5″ wobblers are printed 4 to a sheet. This means you can mix and match up to 4 designs!

We look forward to hearing from you!