How to save beaucoup money on direct mail marketing

EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

Thanks to our alliance with the US Postal Service and the Mailing Industry Product Guide we are on a campaign to save companies beaucoup money on direct mail marketing. Here are the primary components of our campaign…

1.EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) – This exciting new program offered by the USPS removes half the hassle, and a fraction of the price. The postage cost is drastically reduced. The mail pieces do not need costly inkjetting (ie: you don’t need to print addresses on them, and you don’t have to purchase any mailing lists!).

2. Our Offer-of-the-Month – Each month, we’ve got a variety of products available at 25-50% off. Many of these products qualify for EDDM.

3. The Mailing Industry Product Guide – To help us gain notoriety for our campaign, we have created a profile on This website receives millions of hits from the US Postal Service’s EDDM website.

Learn more about the wonders of EDDM, spread the word and help First in Print save companies beaucoup money on direct mail marketing!

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