Half off Luxury Showcards in January

January Luxury Sale - 50% off Luxury Showcards, Business Cards and bookmarks.

Hello, and Happy new year! 🙂

Looking for a little affordable luxury in 2012? During January, we’ve got Luxury Business Cards, Luxury Showcards and Luxury Bookmarks at 50% off. All of these products are printed on our heavy 150# premium stock with a luxurious ultra-soft finish that’s durable and irresistible to touch. They’re just the thing to make your marketing collateral that much more tempting!

Call or e-mail me today to place your order. Or click the image above and order online.

Best Regards,
Wesley Black
Store Manager
First in Print

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Did you know that our Luxury Showcards are printed on ultra-thick 150lb cover? These make for wonderfully rugged postcards, greeting cards, & more!

Online Ordering is Now Available:
Visit http://us.printing.com?source=B226
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Offers on Business Cards

Offers on Showcards

  • Luxury Showcards
    150# silk cover + ultra-soft finish
    From $183 $91 for 1,000 in 5 days

Offers on Bookmarks

  • Luxury Bookmarks
    150# silk cover + ultra-soft finish
    From $232 $116 for 1,000 in 5 days