quick guide to loop length

When it comes to string-tied bottle neckers, loop-length is an important factor for a great fit on your bottle.

What is Loop Length?

Loop Length is the distance between the hole in the necker to the knot in the string. Elastic string is measured in its relaxed state. The loop length measurement is what determines how a string-tied bottle necker will sit on your bottle.

Most string-tied neckers are created with elastic string which allows for more flexibility, such as stretching over a larger cap to fit securely on the bottle neck.

How is it measured for my bottle?

Loop Length is equal to half the circumference of your bottle neck or top. For example, a circumference of 4" would be a 2” loop length. Our standard 2" loop length works well for most bottles, however, we always recommend confirming the right loop length with the specs of your bottle.

Remember that typically a string-tied necker looks best with a relaxed fit. If the string fits too snugly, it may cause the tag to stick out and look funny.

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