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Full Time Print Project Coordinator

Who we are:

We're print experts with a knack for producing retail, food, and beverage marketing materials.

We are looking for that special someone to join our team who is artsy at heart, technical upstairs, and enjoys working directly with clients from near and far.

We place a major emphasis on constantly improving our offerings, our systems, our website, and ourselves. is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring the world’s largest selection of point-of-sale marketing products and making them available for easy online purchase.

We're delighted to serve a wide range of clients—from small craft breweries, to well-established food brands, to purveyors of the world’s most popular wine and spirits, and the agencies that design for them. Demand for our products is growing as the word continues to spread about our impeccable quality and exceptional service—we’re expanding our team in order to keep up!

Who we hope you are:

  • You're an enthusiastic worker who doesn't shy away from a challenge but rather thrives in a challenging role that affords you many opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • You take pride in your work and appreciate the thrill of complete project ownership.
  • You have a positive attitude and view success as a collaborative, collective effort amongst your team.
  • You're a great listener and note-taker, and thrive in a work environment with quickly shifting priorities and deadlines.
  • As a motivated self-starter, you require little supervision but take direction well and appreciate constructive feedback.
  • You're incredibly organized with excellent attention to detail and diligence for learning from your mistakes.
  • You understand and appreciate the difference between commercial and fine art.
  • You enjoy working with clients and experience true satisfaction in helping them achieve their goals.

Are you beaming with recognition after reading that description? Press on!

What you'll do:

  • Respond to customer inbound calls and emails with a focus on identifying, diagnosing and meeting customer needs
  • Help clients to find the best print solutions for their marketing projects
  • Maintain a working knowledge of company products, special sales programs and marketing efforts
  • Perform pre-press checks on customer-supplied artwork
  • Coordinate with graphic designers and/or perform graphic design as needed
  • Work directly with vendors to facilitate production of jobs
  • Stay incredibly organized, maintaining detailed client briefs and an orderly file system
  • Actively improve your workflow to achieve more in less time with a smaller margin for error
  • Build and nurture relationships with clients
  • Coordinate with Designers or design occasional print materials for new and loyal clients
  • Never stop learning, improving, experimenting, or growing as a creative professional

What you'll need:

  • Comfortable working directly with clients via email and phone
  • Strong task management skills with the ability to effectively manage multiple jobs at once
  • 1-3 years of experience in a print shop, design studio, or marketing agency setting
  • Skills in Adobe CC—specifically InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal
  • Comfortable using Mac operating system
  • Ability to perform under pressure

Other helpful attributes:

  • Sales Experience
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Graphic design skills
  • Understanding of digital and offset printing processes
  • Experience designing and preparing files for production
  • Experience designing die-cut materials and specialty finishes

Benefits & Compensation:

  • Salary $40,000-$44,500/year
  • Monthly sales commissions (variable pay averages included in range shown)
  • Monthly profit-sharing bonus * (variable pay averages included in range shown)
  • Monthly health and wellness stipend * - or - Company sponsored health insurance benefits
  • Access to group health insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Earned PTO
  • Access to Aflac Benefits
  • A strong company culture centered around self improvement, success, and fun!
  • Weekly coffee breaks, monthly team lunches, regular 121 meetings for coaching and support
  • Office therapy dog 😉
  • Hybrid schedule (may work from home 2 days per week) *

* Hybrid schedule, Profit sharing bonus, and health benefits begin once fully trained—typically after 90 days of full-time employment.

If you’re the positive, driven, paper-loving, client-nurturing type we’re looking for, send your resume and digital portfolio our way. Please include a brief introduction to let us know why you're the one!

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What's it like working at First in Print?

“I’m thankful to work here at FIP. We’ve got a strong culture that encourages teamwork and trust. Moreover, employees are encouraged to engage in activities that promote good mental health & work-life balance. Everyone on the team is kind, compassionate, and wonderful to work with.”
— Katie Fosburgh, Operations Assistant

“First In Print is a beautiful mix of a small, agile team with significant accomplishments at a high level of quality. Established team members are trusted and supported without micromanagement. FIP genuinely promotes actual work/life balance, contrasting with employers who only claim to offer it, making it a rewarding place to work.”
— Jason Robinson, Marketing Assistant

"I am thrilled to be working in a great environment with a supportive and resourceful team. The collaborative atmosphere and unwavering encouragement have truly made this workplace a standout experience for professional growth."
—Ya-Mei Uy, Project Coordinator / Graphic Designer

“At First in Print, I thrive as lead designer in a fast-paced yet nurturing environment. The team’s support fosters both personal and professional growth, making it more than a workplace – it’s a dynamic community that values and invests in each team member’s success.”
— Whitney Wellmaker, Project Coordinator / Lead Graphic Designer