Kellyann Wulbern, The Declutter Company

I contacted Jen Hankey to help me branding my business. I was in need of a logo, new business cards and brochures. This would be a huge task because of the transformation of my business. We had to completely change everything. Jen and I met on numerous occasions to discuss what I needed, what I wanted, the colors that would suit my business and graphics. She worked with my existing website to make sure my business cards and brochures would be consistent throughout. She was also a huge help in the change of my business name!

During the process, Jen asked me LOTS of questions so she would know how to put everything together. She gathered all of my information (10 pages worth) for the brochure and actually wrote all of the content.

I am so pleased with all that she has done for me and for my business. Everything Jen did — from the logo, to the fonts, to the content — was beyond what I expected. I am overjoyed!

Jen is a very talented and artistic person. I am very glad that I was able to use her services and would highly recommend her.

Kellyann Wulbern
Chief Organizing Officer, The Declutter Company