Hang tags for Jacksonville non-profit organization, Angels for Allison

Posted on November 4, 2011 Under News

Angels for Allison is a non-profit organization that helps families deal with the financial burdens that come along with losing a child. They have raised upwards of $700,000 and counting for this incredibly worthy cause.

The nice ladies at Angels for Allison were getting low on hang tags for their products. They had purchased the old tags from another printer and felt like the price was a little high. For the new tags, they wanted to double the size to 2 x 4 inches, so they can feature a QR Code and fold in half.

Because of the brightly colored greens used in their logo, we decided to use Pantone colors instead of CMYK process. Wesley worked closely with Pam Oates from Angels for Allison on perfecting the graphic design. Before long, we had a proof that everyone absolutely loved.

Roughly a week later, the moment of truth arrived. I think they turned out magnificently if I do say so myself 🙂

Angels for Allison - Hang Tags - Bifold with a QR Code

Angels for Allison - Hang Tags - Bifold with a QR Code

Congratulations ladies, and best of luck with your fundraising!