What’s in a Wobbler?

There’s one product we offer that gets us that “deer in the headlights” look more than any other. It’s the wacky, yet wonderful wobbler.


Noun: A person or thing that wobbles.

The official definition holds true. Our wobblers are card stock products that come with plastic strips that allow you to attach them to just about any surface. Once attached, they wobble!

They wobble in front of your consumers, on your shelves, on your counter, on your bar, on your door – in fact, they love to wobble just about anywhere.

These nifty plastic strips are specifically designed to snap into your standard 1.5″ price rails. This makes wobblers work wonderfully as shelf talkers. They wobble about, catching the eye of passersby. They wobble to and fro, spreading their message from hither to yon…. you get the idea.

What’s a wobbler look like?

What size is a wobbler?

Our wobblers come in a variety of sizes. We also have many custom sizes available to suit even the most unique wobbling needs.

  • Small = 3 x 4.125″
  • Medium =  4.125 x 5.875″
  • Large = 3.875 x 8.25″

What shape is a wobbler?

We have a variety of options available to make your wobblers stand out. We can simply add round corners, or we can die-cut a circle or oval shape. We can even get very creative and create a custom star, heart, or bottle shape. Contact us with your custom shape idea.

How much are wobblers?

The quick and easy answer is, take a look at our buying guide and see…

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The longer and more correct answer is, there are WAY more options available than you see in our buying guide. If you have a neat idea, give us a call at (904) 387-2237, and let’s discuss it.