StarMarque (a.k.a. “Spot UV”) Explained


If you’ve ever seen a printed piece where you noticed a part of the design was shiny, it was most likely spot UV (ultraviolet). UV coating is applied as a clear liquid, then passed under ultraviolet light (hence the name), which cures the liquid and adheres it to the paper. At First in Print, this treatment is nicknamed “StarMarque.”

When UV coating is applied to the entire surface of a piece, not just a spot, we call it Fabu-Gloss.

It’s clear, yet “green.” If you’re concerned about the impact this process has on our environment, you’ll be happy to know that UV-coated pieces are recyclable, re-pulpable and free of solvents. Also, because the UV coating process is the result of light, and not heat, there are no harmful emissions in its creation.

A piece that uses UV (or spot UV) coating sets itself apart from the competition, with stunning shine and remarkable flair. When it comes to being budget friendly, durable and head-turning — and still environmentally responsible — UV coating is the best way to go.

If you’re having trouble thinking of ways to use StarMarque on your pieces, here are some tips to keep in mind and a few photos to inspire you:

  • DO: Use spot UV to draw attention to underlying images or text.
  • DO: Use spot UV by itself over dark or rich colors to reveal text or an image that becomes apparent as the card tilts and moves.
  • DO: Use spot UV as an accompaniment to text — such as a pattern or frame.
  • DO: Use spot UV as a protectant. When used over an entire piece (we call this Fabu-Gloss), it can provide protection and longevity. This is ideal for high-use items like loyalty cards.
  • DON’T: Use spot UV to highlight very thin text or graphics. Since the UV coating process is done after printing, there may be a slight shift that could become very obvious if the text and spot UV don’t line up.
  • DON’T: Use spot UV over areas that will fold or crease, especially on thick paper stock. It will crack.

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