You Say Postcard, I Say Showcard (Let’s Call the Whole Thing Creative)

Though most may know them as postcards, we call them showcards for a couple of reasons. One, they don’t have to go in the post (the mail) and two, they show off something you want to promote! Whatever you call it, there are lots of things you can do with a showcard in addition to using it as a “traditional” postcard.

Digest Newsletter

Newsletters are just a means of sharing news about your business. They don’t have to be on 8.5-by-11-inch copier paper. Jazz them up by making a “digest” (short) version on a showcard. This can be placed on countertops, handed out, stuffed in bags or yes, even mailed. Don’t forget: newsletters can include press releases, industry updates, product or service launches and anything relating to your business or industry.

Product and/or Service Brochure

Like a newsletter, this can list several of your products and services. You may not be able to fit them all, but you can highlight new ones or top sellers. Another tip is to include how-to advice or answer some frequently asked questions. A showcard brochure can also sit atop a counter, get placed in bags, or handed to customers.

Thank-you Card

Fewer and fewer companies make use of thank-you cards anymore. This means the impact yours will make on a customer will be that much greater! But it doesn’t have to come folded in half and placed in an envelope. A showcard can do just the trick. Create an eye-catching design and leave some room for writing a personal message. Add the recipient’s address and pop that baby in the mail. Want to up the ante? Include an offer or coupon to encourage repeat business (and as a “thanks” for their recent business). Now that says “thank you!”

Rack (or Counter) Card

A rack card can be nearly anything you want it to be. It can include recipes, food or clothing pairings, mailing list sign-up forms, coupons, maps, website and social media information … you get the idea. Now let’s think bigger. On a tight budget? Have neighboring local businesses? Include the logos and contact info for each business on one card — maybe even include a special offer (10% off at these shops with this card). Then have each business chip in toward the cost of printing and share the cards. Cross-promotion from within local businesses helps everyone!

Event Invitations

Showcards are a great and inexpensive way to announce a grand opening, exclusive sale, soirée, wedding or bridal shower, quinceañera, bar or bat mitzvah — heck, any reason to party! It has become increasingly more “socially acceptable” (and frugal) to send a showcard in lieu of the dressier, multi-enveloped counterparts.

Street Team Event Promotions

We’ve all gotten at least one before. I’m talking about the event card that’s slipped under your windshield wiper blade in the parking lot, or handed to you before or after a show. If you’re in the event promotion business, you know how important it is to get the message out, and showcards are an economical and effective way to do that. They’re only pennies per piece and are on a cover stock that’s hard to ignore.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

This exciting new service offered by the US Postal Service is opening new doors for small and medium sized businesses (no pun intended!). You can save literally half on your direct mail campaign by taking advantage of EDDM. Contact us or visit the USPS website for more info.

Pocket Cards

These little guys put the most important information in the palms of your customers. Not quite rack cards; not quite business cards — nor are they supposed to be. They’re great supplements to your business card. Hand someone your business card and a palm card with perhaps a special offer, a link to an exclusive page on your website (who doesn’t like feeling like a VIP?), directions and a map, a recipe using one of your products. The list goes on. They’re inexpensive to print, but the information they contain can be priceless.

These are only a handful of ideas to get you started, and we didn’t even cover the direct mail possibilities intrinsic with using it as a “postcard.” Going further and using die-cutting, you can even turn showcards into wine bottle-neck coupons (we actually do this a lot). Got an idea? Let us know! We’d love to make it happen.