Many uses for “regular old paper”

Our recycled 70# uncoated text paper is easy to write on with any pen or pencil — perfect for business forms, applications and surveys.

Here at First in Print, there’s nothing we like more than beautiful full-color printing on bigger, better paper.

In many cases, the more luxurious, flashy, thick, and die-cut a marketing piece is, the better. We get that. However, there’s still much to be said about good ole uncoated 70# text! This paper is thicker than the stuff on which you print your emails. It’s got a pleasing finish and is just thick enough to print full color on both sides (without it showing through). Most importantly, you can write on it!

You can write on it with a pencil. You can write on it with a pen.
You can even use a crayon, again and again!

Because of this fantastically utilitarian property, uncoated 70# paper makes great business forms, job applications, sushi menus, and letterheads. It can also be scored or perforated to create vouchers, invoices, brochures, and carry-out menus.

Even if you have no need to write on it, fold it, or perforate it, this radically rugged and vivaciously versatile paper stock can be used to create the perfect flyer to be handed out or dropped into an envelope.

Now, I may be going a bit overboard with the whimsey here, but seriously — there is certain to be at least one or two uses for uncoated 70# paper in this list that you have never thought of before.

Full color, double-sided:

Creased, or Perforated


Do you have any other creative uses for this type of paper?

We would love to hear about ’em!

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