It’s all just paper, right?

Let’s start with a clean, “green” paper — our 70 lb. premium recycled opaque text. It’s a versatile starting point we use for a large number of our products, such as:

These are the obvious uses, but let’s really explore what they can become. Think of the paper as our canvas, and get creative with the content. For example:

Letter-sized sheets can become…

  • questionnaires
  • booking forms
  • certificates
  • awards
  • new employee forms
  • invoices
  • contracts
  • mailers
  • carry-out menus
  • sell sheets

Half-page sheets can become…

  • prescription forms
  • stuffers to accompany invoices
  • receipts
  • stationery
  • newspaper and magazine inserts
  • trade show hand-outs
  • price lists
  • community and church bulletins
  • folder inserts

Don’t stop there! We can trim to nearly any size (and sometimes shape) … even our sought-after bottleneck hangers can be done on our recycled text paper.

Just like when we were kids — folding ruled paper into airplanes, footballs, cootie-catchers or origami cranes — creativity, imagination and curiosity drive us to turn the obvious into something more.

Get further inspiration from our Pinterest boards

Hopefully, this gets you thinking of “plain paper” in new ways. If something sparked your interest and you’d like to talk through a concept, give us a call! We love discussing design and are happy to help bring your loose-leaf to life.