Business Cards … Not Just for Business Anymore

Business cards also can service as complimentary vouchers.

When it comes to the business of business cards, we all know them as the three-and-a-half-inch by two-inch paper handshake. We’re quick to offer them over meetings or networking, thinking “hey I just met you, and this seems crazy, but here’s my business card, so work with me maybe?” And they’re very effective at this.

But have you ever thought about other uses for these little beauties? They’re just conveniently-sized paper, really. Well, we’ve gathered a list of some ideas for alternative uses for business cards.

You can…

  • provide appointment reminders
  • invite guests to a grand opening or event
  • encourage feedback or comments
  • promote a sale
  • offer advice
  • tag a gift or product
  • offer a referral discount
  • reward loyalty
  • recruit staff
  • add love notes to your children’s lunch boxes
  • give a calling card (especially useful for sharing with other parents)
  • use as a bookmark
  • share a recipe
  • display jewelry
  • ask for support (such as donations)
  • share testimonials
  • share an updated address (“we’ve moved”)
  • use as a ticket for admission
  • raffle off prizes
  • share a wedding wish or advice (instead of a guestbook)
  • use as place cards for wedding seating arrangements

What other ideas can you come up with? Let us know in the comments below!

Did you know?

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