Bottle Neckers – Beverage Point-of-Sale and Beyond

We’ve had a ton of fun this past year creating all sorts of different bottle neckers for many walks of clientele.

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Our team has created teeny tiny neckers to hang on a 12 oz. beer bottle. We’ve created big fat bottle neckers with radial cuts that snap over the cap of a gallon of milk. We’ve created H-Cut neckers that snap on to a bottle cap with a marketing message on 2 sides.

Some bottle neck hangers attach using an elastic string. Others are folded and glued to make bottle neck “collars” which are visible from all 4 sides. We recently created an elastic strung bottle necker in the shape of the state of Florida.

Some bottle neckers fold, and others are flat. Some boast eye-catching spot uv highlights, while others are left uncoated for a minimalist, earthy appeal.

The variety of sizes, shapes, and styles is as just as thrilling as the diversity of clientele and myriad of uses they find for bottle neckers.

We’ve created these neck hugging wonders for use on wines, spirits, olive oils, condiments, egg nogs, waters, fruit juices, and even Balsamic vinegars. They’ve been used in hotel mini bars, airports, retail stores, tasting rooms, and cruise ships. They serve as coupons, mail-in rebates, vouchers, incentives, entry forms, and eye-catchers.

It’s true, we get very excited about bottle neckers. That’s because we are quite proud of our creations!

If you’ve got a great idea for a custom bottle necker, give our office a call at (904) 387-2237. We’re happy to help you turn your idea into a beautifully printed reality.

Are you looking to avoid re-inventing the wheel? Check out our bottle neckers page to browse our dazzling selection of shapes, sizes, paper & finish options.