5 ways to boost product sales with a simple sticker

Posted on July 20, 2021 Under FIP Blog

People love stickers, which makes stickers a surprisingly effective marketing tool on your packaging.

Stickers are engaging—we use them to express and describe ourselves, promote our favorite things, and connect with each other. That’s why adding a sticker to your product packaging is a beacon for attention. The familiar spirit of a sticker makes your product feel lively and personal, standing out on a shelf full of idle competition.

Announce what’s new

Stickers are an easy-peasy way to get shoppers to take notice of new product releases and design updates.

  • A simple, well-designed “NEW!” is guaranteed attention
  • Emphasize new or seasonal flavors, like “Honey Mint” or “Limited Edition
  • Refreshing your packaging design? Reassure your loyal customers:
    Sweet new look, same spicy taste!

Feature unique selling points

You know what your target customers value the most. Use stickers to call out
your best selling points in a way that shouts “this is for you”

  • Shoppers loves to support “Locally Made” or “Proudly Made in Wisconsin
  • Attract health-conscious customers with “Plant-Based” or “Zero Additives
  • Appeal to discerning tastes with “Small Batch” or “Always Fresh

Highlight special ingredients or production methods

A lot of care went into developing your product, and a sticker can help tell shoppers why it’s exceptional.

  • Point out notable ingredients, like “Sweetened with Local Honey” or “Made with Liquified Snowflakes
  • Get to the heart of your product, like “New Vegan Recipe” or “Authentic Sonoran Style
  • Underline part of the process: “Made In-House” or “Sustainably Sourced

Show off achievements

One secret to getting more of your product to the register is to not be shy about accolades and achievements. Shoppers will love social proof that you’re indeed the bees knees.

  • Call attention to your product’s reputation as a “Best Seller” or “America’s #1 Dessert Hummus
  • Show off tasting awards and ratings, like a “Double Gold Medal” or “Wine Enthusiast 90 Points
  • Include customers in your brand’s milestones: “Celebrating 5 Years” or “Cheers to a Century of Quality
  • Attract fans of partnerships, like “Official Beer of The Boston Bruins

Call to action

Shoppers face a zillion decisions in a store. Making one of those decisions easy with a clear CTA is a simple yet very effective way to reach them.

  • You might be surprised at how well a “Try Me!” or playful “Pick This One” can spark a smile and sway even the savviest of shoppers
  • Guide customers on how best to enjoy your product: “Pair with Dessert” or “Great for Grilling” or “Try frozen!
  • Encourage your brand values, like “Support Local” or “Buy Fair Trade


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