Wesley Black

entrepreneur + dreamer + builder

Wesley says he loves a good challenge, and it's a good thing too. The many hats he wears as CEO, etc. at First in Print afford him plenty of opportunities to face unique challenges each day.

An entrepreneur with a graphic design and web design background, but most importantly a husband and father, Wes enjoys family adventures with his wife Melanie, son Conrad, and daughter Genevieve. They love kayaking, camping, bike rides, and hanging out on the beach.

A self-proclaimed life long learner, Wesley is passionate about building a home environment and company culture that both foster a love of learning and keen interest in self improvement. He's a bit of a spreadsheet enthusiast, and considers himself a creative problem solver. Inspired by his lovely wife, he would one day like to put his talents and resources to work helping inspire a love of learning in the hearts of students who need it.

This fun-loving, pretty geeky, left-handed somewhat artsy outdoorsy type fellow is also a big fan of astronomy, audiobooks, aviation, and even some things that don't begin with the letter A- such as mountain biking, running, guitar, snowboarding, and racquetball.


peppermint bark




being a great leader

"I'm the luckiest guy I know! My job is turning my ideas into reality every single day. My family is loving and supportive. My talented, passionate employees share my vision and help me build a fun, productive, and rewarding environment."