EDDM / Every Door Direct Mail

There's a wonderful way to avoid cumbersome mailing lists. The USPS allows you to select your target audience using their geographic mapping tool, and provides you with carrier route info, free! Your EDDM mailings will be addressed to “Postal Customer” and sent along the carrier routes of your choosing. With Every Door Direct Mail, you're saving up to 50% off traditional direct mail costs. Woot!

How does it work?

1. Tell us about your project. We'll help you choose your mail routes and quantity, pinpoint your message, and decide on a size and paper finish. Or, if you have all of that figured out, you can send us your file.

2. We'll design an eye-catching card to spread the word about you, or we’ll check out your submitted artwork and make sure it meets EDDM specifications.

3. We'll prepare your EDDM documents, creating the required facing slips for each mail route. Mail routes need multiple bundles of cards, and the facing slips identify the route and quantity of each bundle.

3. We'll send a proof and an invoice that includes shipping your cards to you (but not postage for mailing) via email. Please make your credit card payment.

4. We’ll print your cards, shrink-wrap in stacks of roughly 100 pieces (saving you the headache of counting out all those bundles!) and supply you with a PDF file that contains all of your required facing slips. All you have to do is click print, attach your facing slips to each bundle, and take your cards to the specified post office(s).

More Questions?

You can choose routes based on age, household size, and income. You then have the option of mailing to both businesses and residential, or residential only.

Zero dollars, and zero cents! – There’s no need to print addresses on the cards. This is one of the many reasons EDDM is so much bang for your buck!

Sizes offered that meet EDDM specifications are: 12x4.5", 8.5x7", 9.75x6.5", 14x5.5", 8.5x11", and 9x12"

The minimum quantity is 250 for most of our cards, and the maximum is 5,000 pieces per day for EDDM Retail. You can print as many as you please, then mail them out in batches of up to 5k per day.

Retailers, auto dealerships, cultural / arts organizations, restaurants, business services, attorneys, doctors, dry cleaners, contractors, realtors, and many other businesses large and small!

Our prices and turnaround times for printing your cards are published. Take a look! (Please note prices are for printing only, and do not include EDDM file prep)

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